Bill Weather Bio
Weather can be reached at
    Weather is a prophetically gifted watchman with many signs, dreams and visions, of end time prophecy, with  supernatural confirmations from others as well. 
    In 1987, Bill Weather was saved by the audible voice of the Lord Jesus Christ, in an amazing encounter, delivering him out of substance abuse and cult rock n roll band, teenage wasteland.

After a season of testing in 2010, loosing everything in a learning season in the prophetic revelations being given him, he emerged from that season 13 months later, being birthed in quite an amazing journey of more than 55 dreams and visions with backing prophetic signs ongoing. A serious sacrifice was made and God has answered!

After forsaking his electrical contracting business in middle Tennessee in April of 2020, he began the pursuit of publishing his records of the amazing signs, dreams and visions he's received, even several dreams from 2018, one showing the exact date timing of the 2020 covid economic crash (March 12th, 2018 dream – March 12, 2020 crash)

Several exact date events given to him as signs, have foretold key events that have come to pass and also huge prophetic events to come. These are in his books, Evidence Backed End Time Prophecy, and California Yom Kippur, and documented at, showing the before and after results of what was prophesied and came to pass.

Weather hosts 4 web sites,, on prophecy, on evolution vs creation, on the miraculous healings Jesus is doing world wide and presently his most important site,

In an intense season of seeking God about the California Mega Quake prophecies, Weather was given even more signs than what was given for the 2020 crash, to watch out for September and October of 2022 and the next Shemitah coming, layed out in his book at 

Free portions of his book is at